Power Gen.

Commercial Power:
I) High power rating engines.

Dealing with the selections, total erection, and commissioning of high power rated Marine Stationary engines (Running on Diesel or HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil),

● with possible long or short term contract for (Operation, overhauling, maintenance and care), upon client`s needs and requests.

● Engines are designed to provide high rating power, with (Constant, stable and best quality of electricity)

● Engines that runs on HFO is in need for several main elements for its operation:

(Steam system, Diesel oil, Fuel oil, Lube oil, fresh water, and Compressed air, each of above elements, requires a set-up of auxiliaries in order to be treated before its use on engine.)

(Erected Heavy fuel oil) engines and auxiliaries

II) Diesel Engines with Low power ratings.

● Dealing with its installation, overhauling services and care on either short or long term service or overhauling agreement, as per manual service schedule and the standards maintenance tips for diesel engines.

● With possible long or short term contract for (Operation, overhauling, maintenance and care), upon client`s needs and requests.

Overhauling process

III ) Top 5 Maintenance Tips For Diesel Engines
● Monitor Your Coolant

Your diesel engine’s coolant is one of its most important maintenance needs.Coolant should continually be monitored because it will become more acidic overtime. If it’s allowed to remain acidic it can rot out other parts in the engine`s cooling system like the radiator. Take the time to have the coolant checked and flushed onan appropriate schedule.

● Keep It Clean

Keeping your diesel engine clean is very important for its preservation. The easiestway to damage your diesel’s components is to allow dirt and grime to enter freely. The performance will be compromised when the cleanliness of your diesel is overlooked, andthe road-life will be shortened. The three areas that cleanliness is most vital are in the diesel’s clean fuel, clean oil, and clean air.

● Fuel Filter(s) Changes

Fuel filters should be replaced on a routine maintenance schedule, approximately every 300 operating hours. Most new diesel engines will have two fuel filters, a primary and a secondary. They should both be replaced at the same time for optimal cleaning,

● Effective Air Filters

Air Filter should be inspected and replaced as needed. They can actually be checked without removing the air filter, and then brought in for replacement. Depending on the environment that your engine is operating in, the air filters may need to be closely monitored. Protect your engine by making sure the air filters remain clean and effective.

● Appropriate Oil & oil Changes

Your diesel engine’s oil changes should be every 150 operating hours. It may need toon a shorter interval depending on how you’re using your diesel engine. If your diesel engine is used in (non steady RPM) then it becomes necessary to change oil more frequently.

IV ) Commercial steam boilers:
● Industrial steam boilers, with output heat generation rage of (2 to 60 tons/ hr), designed to fit customer operation`s need with maximum Energy efficiency.

● A boiler means a pressure vessel in which steam is generated for use external to itself by application of heat which is wholly or partly under pressure when steam is shut off but does not include a pressure vessel.

V ) Catalytic convertors for diesel engines toxic emission control.
● Catalytic converters for diesel engines with coated metal, (compact in one unit: (DOC, DPF, and POC) enough to almost reach 96% of exhaust toxic reduction in normal environmental circumstances, Fine selection thru Power Gen. to fit American and European standards

DOC: Diesel oxidation catalyst.
DPF: Diesel particulate filter.
POC: Particle Oxidation Catalysts.

VI ) Automation and electrical (Commercial and residential)
● Diesel power generators
● Heavy Fuel Oil electrical power stations, gen-sets, and its auxiliaries
● Steam or thermal oil boilers and cycles
● Lube, heavy fuel and diesel oil separators and cycles
● Tank`s (Leveling, pressure and temperature)
● Salty and fresh water pumps and cycles.

(Are powered by AUTOMATE) based on the operation`s need.

● With possible long or short term contract for (Operation, overhauling,
maintenance and care), upon client`s needs and requests.

VII ) Welding, grindings and metal work:
● All metal work provided by power gen is as per marine standard.

● Special welding mainly consist on,
(In-Situ) / (Metal stitching) /Stainless steel, and piping.

With full work guaranty.

VIII ) Spares and more:
● The source of Spares provided by Power Gen for high rating engines are all from its own manufactures, with a second option offer from alternative sources.

● Parts are available for older and all newer engines and auxiliaries (brands and types).

Technical Background
● Our specialists are mainly (Certified as diesel technologies’ and Marine engineers), carefully selected with over 10 years of mechanical, electrical and operations experiences on (diesel and heavy fuel oil engines and equipments’)